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Cox Cone Clutch

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Replaces OEM
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Install Instructions
CC2095GCox Clutch Cone, now with a Steel Insert
(Old type with one pin)
Compact Tractors: O9F3, O9B6, O9J6, O9M7,
O9BO, O9D1, O9J1,

New Generation: 13hp, 16hp, 18hp 5398A CR531,
CR532, CR533, CR534, CR535, CR536.

Orion XL & Professional: 1991 to 1993 models.

Stockman: 5hp O7A95, 8.5hp & 10.5hp 2013,
20C95, 42F95. 10.5hp & 12hp 0913, 09E94, 09K94,
09C95, 43H95. 12.5hp,13hp, 14hp,15hp & 16hp
23C95, 23K94, 23E94, 2513,25C95, 25E94, 25K94,
25K95, 25K96
When installing a new Cox drive cone please insure the drive plate surfaces are in good condition with no grooves. It is
necessary to deglaze the drive plate surface so the new cone will not slip generating excessive heat & damaging the drive cone. As the new
cones can no longer contain asbestos over heating will cause premature failure. A quick way to deglaze the drive plates is to use a 4” disc
sander with medium grit paper. This can also be done quickly at each service to reduce drive failure.
It is only necessary to take the shine off the surface to give the cone a surface to grip to. Any grooves will need to be machined in a lathe

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  • Part Number: 030804-5335
  • Brand: Cox

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