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Gibbon Gutter Cleaner GI001


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The Gibbon Gutter Cleaner has been expertly engineered to travel rapidly and securely along most gutter edges, blasting high volumes of air into the channel to eject leaves and debris.


The Gibbon is attached to a leaf blower and its lightweight construction (less than a kilogram) allows for safe and effective use. Simply hold the leaf blower and follow the Gibbon as it balances, propels and guides itself along the gutter.

The specially designed wheels allow the device to hang securely on the gutter edge and move smoothly along most types of gutters, even those that have protruding support struts.


You can safely clear gutters of leaves and debris – even up to two storeys high – without needing a ladder.


By holding the Gibbon’s lightweight, rigid air supply pipe, you can reach most single storey gutters whilst an extension kit (available separately) can be used to clean higher ones – even double storey.


To get going, hook the wheels of the Gibbon over the edge of the gutter. The Gibbon will then stay in place while you connect the pipe to your leaf blower.


Start the leaf blower and simply follow the Gibbon as it travels along the gutter. To reverse the direction, swing the downpipe in the opposite direction, release and reapply the throttle.


Cleans Gutters Fast

The Gibbon can clear up to 10 meters of gutter in 60 seconds. Even wet leaves and compacted mulch are no problem. The Gibbon blows the debris out of the gutters, so downpipes won’t get clogged.

Strong and Reliable

The Gibbon is manufactured using high quality materials and is designed for optimum performance across a range of gutter profiles.


The Gibbon is injection moulded ABS and the pipes are manufactured from industrial strength polyethylene and pvc.



The Gibbon requires a leaf blower that has a minimum airflow output of approximately 500 cubic metres per hour (8.33 cu metres per minute, 260 cu ft per minute).

This is well within the capabilities of most petrol/gas-powered blowers as well as certain electric models. The flexible attachment hose supplied with the Gibbon can be fitted to a range of leaf blower outlet pipe sizes ranging from 65mm to 85mm (2.5 to 3.3 inches) in diameter.


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