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Alpina Chainsaw Bars & Chains

Range of Bars and Chains to Suit Alpina Chainsaws.


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Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
BRI138RNBK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 13" Power Match® Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 138RNBK095

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

BRI160SDEA074_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 16" Double Guard Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 160SDEA074

Outdoorking Product Description © ...

BRI160RNDK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 16" Power Match Replacement Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 160RNDK095

Outdoorking Product Description © ...

BRI168SLHD009_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 16" Pro-Lite Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 168SLHD009

OEM: 168SLHD009 Chain Number: 73 Length...

BRI168SLHK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 16" Pro-Lite Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 168SLHK095

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

BRI160TXLBK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 16" Pro-Lite, Micro-Lite Pro Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 160m 160MPBK095, 160TXLBK095

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

BRI180MLBK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 18" Micro-Lite Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 180MLBK095

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

BRI180MPBK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 18" Pro-Lite, Micro-Lite Pro Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 180MPBK095

Outdoorking Product Description © ...

BRI208ATMD009_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 20" Laser-Tip Solid Body / Armor Tip Solid Nose Guide Bar 208ATMD009

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

BRI208RNBK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 20" Power Match Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 208RNBK095

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

BRI208SLGK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine 20" Pro-Lite Sprocket Nose Guide Bar 208SLGK095, 208VXLGK095

Outdoorking Product Description ©:...

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BRI188VXLHK095_AAB Oregon
Oregon Genuine Pro-Lite Sprocket Nose Bar 45.72 CMS Versacut 0.95 CMS Series 188VXLHK095

THIS 188VXLHK095 BAR IS 18 INCH. (1.6MM...


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