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2 Blade to 4 Blade - MSV562 - 22"
by pau13z. 22/10/18 10:03 PM
MODEL 33 16" BONMOW – c1960
by CyberJack. 22/10/18 08:34 PM
cutting deck
by gml. 22/10/18 08:28 PM
Oily air cleaner element
by Byomarimba. 21/10/18 10:57 PM
Topic Replies
Turner 4 Stroke
by CyberJack. 22/10/18 10:20 PM
2 Blade to 4 Blade - MSV562 - 22"
by pau13z. 22/10/18 10:03 PM
cutting deck
by gml. 22/10/18 09:07 PM
MODEL 33 16" BONMOW – c1960
by CyberJack. 22/10/18 08:34 PM
Nostalgic Scott Bonnar Devotee - Intro.
by SB8peroomba. 22/10/18 08:16 PM
Mac Super 250
by NormK. 22/10/18 04:54 PM
Oily air cleaner element
by Byomarimba. 22/10/18 04:38 PM
Victa Charger 1983-84: Not used in 20 Years.
by Mowerfreak. 22/10/18 04:17 PM
SB Supercut 20" Replacing Belts
by KenW. 22/10/18 12:20 PM
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Identification of Particular Machines
22/10/18 11:20 AM
It's fair to say the Ransomes Minor Mark 7 which had a first build date of Late 1956
is one of the Super Stars in Reel mower history,used for well over a decade
with many different names and with great success.

G'day Max
Damn! I wish I said that as well as you did say it.

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Victa Lawn Mower Frames
22/10/18 11:03 AM
HI all,

I've got a Victa MSV562 which comes standard with 2 blades and an oval blade holder. I wanted to convert this to a 4 blade holder with 4 blades, keeping the same cutting size (22"), and the same mulching ability.

What blades and blade holder should I be using?

Cheers in advance,

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Ride On
22/10/18 10:07 AM
hi prd, thank"s mate,i have a guy interested in my spare deck and he asked if i thought it would fit, i cant see why not but alway's good to get another opinion,cheer's
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22/10/18 09:34 AM
Hello ODK History Lovers

The Scott Bonnar Model 33 is the ultimate chameleon ...
It changed its name [from Bonmow to Model 33]; its colour, and its transmission
[all-chain - belt/chain]; its engine, from 2-stroke to various 4-strokes. It re-invented
itself in the early 1970s to target specific mass merchandisers as the Lawn King.
The first Lawn Kings were a hybrid – being a Model 33, but with some Model 45 bits.

The Model 33 was Scott Bonnars first viable attempt at a domestic 16” reel mower.
The small-sized Model 17 Supercuts of a decade before were clearly way-too-
expensive for the aspiring domestic lawnmower consumers of the 1960s.

The Model 33 corrected the main ‘defect’ in the smaller 14” Model 19 introduced
in 1953 – the lack of a primary clutch. The Model 33 re-introduced separate
clutches for reel and land roll, enabling the engine to be started free of reel
loading. It had the brilliant hair-trigger landroll clutch, now moved outboard to
be within a sealed transmission case.

The Model 33 would inspire the larger 20” Model 43. Both models would form
the basis for the later, renowned Model 45, in its three sizes. In other words,
the Model 45 consolidated what had been learnt through the successful and
un-successful features of the Models 19, 40, and 43. The Model 45 should be
considered more a refinement of the brilliant Model 33.

[Linked Image]

This is the History Record for the Scott Bonnar Model 33.

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22/10/18 09:16 AM
Thank you CyberJack for your welcome and for the reference to the amazing posts within this compelling site of information. I sincerely appreciate the amount of your time and commitment revealed by your awesome posts I have read so far. David
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Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
22/10/18 07:21 AM
Hi All,

Attached is the parts list for your model 9P602-0058-H10
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McCulloch Chainsaws
22/10/18 05:54 AM
Speedy, you said you had a weak spark with the points, is it any better with the module fitted? You need to be able to see the spark through the spark plug held against the head to get an idea if the spark is good enough
20 5,859 Read More
Petrol Chainsaws
22/10/18 05:38 AM
Thanks for that guys,
It has been that long since I took a 2 stroke apart that I had forgotten about valves
My Stihl is pretty old (AV31) so normal could be possible it only has a mesh filter. I will use it for awhile and see if anything develops.
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Questions On Victa Two Stroke Engines
22/10/18 05:17 AM
*sigh* off to the mower shop then.
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Question On Scott Bonnar Cylinder Mowers
22/10/18 01:20 AM
Hi if you have trouble undoing the spigot put piece of wood in cutter to lock shaft then place screw driver in spigot hole and then use stilsons on spigot against screw driver and turn anti clockwise. See how you go
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Ride On
22/10/18 12:37 AM
Hi AVB, don't go to any trouble, just thought you might have had some trick up your sleve it is a 2616H I haven't looked at it, it was dumped here on Sat and I want to be able to move it around if I have to. I think it will probably just get the motor removed and the rest can go to the scrap bin which is a pity because the rest seems to be in fairly good condition. I don't know if they were a ride on worth fixing
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Reel Lawn Mowers, Atco & Villiers etc.
21/10/18 11:35 AM
Hi Mb,

Around that figure sounds about correct as the Briggs engines are somewhat more expensive than the Chonda's, but in saying that they are no better in my view and still idle quite roughly which is not what you want sitting on a twin rail model 45 that suffers from rail fatigue rather badly if not kept in check.

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Other Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers
21/10/18 09:25 AM
Thanks, they don't seem very common, the couple pics I've found online look like a standard Victa wheel just with a yellow hubcap, that might explain why they got replaced too!
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Questions on Greenfield Ride On Mower Frames
21/10/18 09:19 AM
What were you expecting prd that is the way of the world,the Commodore is just a rebadged Opal
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Victa Walk-Behind Rotary Mowers
21/10/18 03:22 AM
or a hair dryer for five minutes or so.
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Ride-On Mowers
20/10/18 08:21 PM
Morning Nath,

That looks real nice!

They are very fiddly to paint! You dodged a bullet though by getting it blasted and primed. Some of us aren't that smart and did it the hard way. Never again!

10 1,694 Read More
For Sale
20/10/18 07:41 PM
Morning Greenfielder,

I remember that one from when it was for sale last time. Ya don't forget a paint scheme like that! smile

Another very early 'straight rail'.

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Ride On
20/10/18 11:06 AM
Bit of an update, the original engine went back in, still has a small oil leak somewhere, otherwise runs good. Got some nos parts out of the states to fix up the alternator connections, in the process of putting a set of blades on it and fixing up the blade brake. Gave it all a clean and the whole driveline is really tidy!

Finally found a much better trailer today, the rusty one was a write off, this one will need a couple repairs but nothing too serious.
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Personal Histories
20/10/18 09:48 AM
PART SIX-B – Patent 60545 – Mower
Rear catcher reel lawnmowers had been around for over a century when
Roy Knight patented a new take on the idea. All reel mowers (in manual
and powered variants) naturally throw grass to the rear. In reel-roller
machines the seeming insurmountable obstacle was the large diameter
rear roller. It is for this reason that, from the earliest days, a deflector
was used to direct clippings towards a front-mounted catcher.

Reel mowers – without rear rollers – had an advantage here.
The advent of the side-wheels (from the late 19th Century onwards)
enabled clippings to take their natural course and be thrown into a rear
catcher. We see this in the first recorded side-wheel, the UK’s Follows
and Bate
Climax of c1869.

However, this did not prevent side-wheels from using front catchers.
In fact, post WWII Australian designs favoured use of deflector-plates
to deliver grass frontwards!

In the meantime, …
The rotary revolution of the 1950s changed everything!
Rotaries could cut grass forward or backward – and catchers could be
mounted front, side, or at the back. Within just a couple of decades,
the reels were pushed or propelled towards a niche market – but not
without a fight.

Roy Knight’s patent represents the fightback. If domestic reel mowers
could be simplified (and made cheaper) and look like rotaries then
they stood a chance to compete with rotaries in the modern world.

[Commercial reels were never in the same position. It goes un-disputed
that reel mowers produce a finer cut for aesthetic and sporting purposes.]

Roy Knight’s patent took the obstacles onboard. A deflector system could
be used to throw grass over the rear roller and into a rear catcher. The
mower’s balance could be improved, with the rear catcher making the
machine more compact for maneuverability.

• More maneuverable and more compact
• Improve balance – catcher rear mounted
• Rear roller acts as fulcrum

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Yes, more work to be done over the next few years before the Diplomats
would be released in c1976. I present the patent (with amendments) as a
download below.
6 2,286 Read More
Off Topics
20/10/18 07:06 AM
Ok that makes sense. So when I go to test the engine is it safe to say that if I take the wire out of the control plate and touch it against an earth it will cut the motor out. But having it the way it is at the moment requires a arch effectively? Sorry if I sound new at this. I haven’t had much to do with Briggs motors. So far is this looking reasonably ok? I have adjuste the governor arm the way you said earlier.


Ps. Sorry it’s dragging on a bit I haven’t had much of a chance to do anything on it lately. Typical interruptions

Thanks again for the help
104 7,647 Read More
Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
20/10/18 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by grumpy
GRB, note you are also missing the anchor fitting that has to attach the inner wire of the speed control cable, to the speed control lever on the governor: see green circle in picture:

[Linked Image]

Sometimes a cable with a single-wire inner is used, with a Z-bend in the end to engage the hole in the lever, or sometimes a more complicated gadget with a grub-screw, and a pin going through the hole in the lever. You can get something suitable from your local mower shop.

Hi grumpy,

Sorry to bring up an old thread but do you have a picture of how the governer linkage should be set up, including springs?

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Questions On Victa Two Stroke Engines
19/10/18 11:07 PM
I'm hanging out for it to come on special somewhere again so I can get another half dozen cans. Last time I got them I paid $7 each for the big cans instead of around $16.
33 8,474 Read More
Off Topics
19/10/18 07:47 AM
We are so lucky there are only 24 hours in a day, imagine what it would be like if we had 36 hours in a day.
37 2,416 Read More
Questions On Victa Two Stroke Engines
19/10/18 07:40 AM
No worries Frog, I'm here most of the time. Maxwestern picked up most of the earlier 2 stroke complete mowers I had here but I still have a lot of motors and bits so we can keep these 2 strokes going for years to come and I am always chasing around after bits. I will PM you my address
12 678 Read More
Questions on Rover Ride On Mower
17/10/18 09:57 AM
Hi all,

I am seeking a wiring loom for my friend's old Rover Raider.
Unfortunately the part is no longer available.
Might anybody have a good second hand loom available.
We are in WA.

Thanks Anton
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