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VICTA - Quotes, Slogans and Campaigns
by CyberJack. 21/05/18 10:29 PM
Blaxland Parts - Worth?
by gml. 19/05/18 07:57 PM
Wiltshire-Boundy – the Bob Davies’ Memoir
by CyberJack. 19/05/18 04:36 PM
A Ssection for Eelectric Garden Equipment
by sparker. 19/05/18 04:10 PM
When Was The 125 Axed?
by Mowerfreak. 18/05/18 09:38 PM
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VICTA - Quotes, Slogans and Campaigns
by CyberJack. 21/05/18 11:01 PM
Waltons Celestial Lawnmowers
by CyberJack. 21/05/18 10:43 PM
A Ssection for Eelectric Garden Equipment
by Bonnar_Bloke. 21/05/18 04:20 PM
When Was The 125 Axed?
by Mowerfreak. 21/05/18 02:11 AM
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Company Histories
21/05/18 01:01 PM
VICTA - 1951
Advertising for Victa mowers begins in 1951.
I have catalogued just over a dozen advertisements for Victa from this year.
They are classified ads from the Sydney Morning Herald and range from 2 to 5 lines long.

They cover the warmer months February to April, and then November to December.
This is Merv pre-rotary … when he was making a 14” reel mower at his home garage.

There’s not much marketing technique. Most common phrase would be ‘Many Improvements’.
He does say, though, ‘a better mower’ and ‘the best Petrol Mower’. Note Merv’s home phone
number UF3093. This is where it all began, and Merv and wife (maybe son, Gary) would no
doubt be ready to answer the phone on Saturday morning [Merv had a full-time job during
the week at this time].

The gallery below shows all my 1951 ads. The first ad is a curious one, advertising a second-
hand machine. I have written about its possible meaning elsewhere. The first ad advertising
the Victa 14” appears on March 17.

[Linked Image]
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21/05/18 12:43 PM
Salutations Mowerfreak smile
Many thanks.

It was a rewarding experience in that history is the real winner.

I compliment you on the friendly argument you always present.
I wish some past-members had that understanding ...

New evidence comes to light everyday.
The story of Victa Stencil and Store Brands is far from complete.
Thanks to Gizmo and Yourself for giving a home to the Victa Chevron.


p.s. You might find this amusing - the reinvention of the 'Chevron' brand ...

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Identification of Particular Machines
21/05/18 08:24 AM
Love this mower!
The pulley itself should be a collectors item....then you have the shoe polish tin cover laugh
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Site Problems/Suggestions and Updates
21/05/18 06:20 AM
Hi Sparker,

You are absolutely spot on with that, so don't hold your breath on that point !

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Questions On Victa Two Stroke Engines
20/05/18 04:11 PM
Howdy folks.
Thanks everyone for providing clues to this as yet unattainable answer the exact time the 125 ceased to be.
So I'm going to put down to 1977 some time, until confirmation otherwise.
All I do know is it was a pearler of an engine, according to a backyard mower fixer I met decades ago. He claimed that Victa stopped making it because it was a better engine than the 160 and they didn't want it people to choose it over the much touted 160, something like that.
I have to say, I, personally have found the limited 125s I have been exposed to, sound consistently smoother and more balanced sounding than the 160. Not to say I haven't come across the odd 160 that sounds just as good and smooth as the best of 125s, but there is just something well adjusted about the 125s I have come across. I did have a 160 that was so smooth the handles didn't vibrate at all on idle. It had the G3 and it was on a VC -160 from the early 70s and it sounded more like a motorbike engine, than a mower...and I had to sell it!!
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Questions on Walk Behind Lawn Mower Frames
20/05/18 08:58 AM
I have a Sunbeam here somewhere, buried under the catcher pile I believe. From memory base is in reasonable condition with a catcher but the bloke I got it from said it had bearing noise so I never bothered with it. It is the brown and orange, is that the only colour they came in?
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For Sale
19/05/18 09:57 AM
g'day all, not sure if this in the right place but someone will tell me,i have some parts that come off an old blaxland twin boat motor and i wanted to know where i would get an idea of what they are worth,hopefully some one on the forum will have an idea
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Ride On
19/05/18 09:42 AM
well there is a light at the end of the tunnel ,got mower running again,and got the deck turning with belt still on ,finally
though still a few small issue's to sort out nothing major, changed the spacer on the engaged lever to a thinner one though still not to happy with it ,as the lever will only got half way forward but deck turns ,but could jump out easily so I'll pull it off and either make a smaller spacer or leave it off ,and see how it goes,
though one thing that was causing problems but have now fixed was that it was supposed to have a belt tensioner on the jockey pulley well there wasn't one,so I have made one up and in the process of fitting it this should pushed the cutting deck belt back when disengaged and forward when engaged so I 'll see how that goes shortly, and where the jockey pulley was fitted it did not have a spacer at the top nor the bearing bush at the bottom, it does have now . I did have it out for a short test run last wk/end for a small mower it gets along pretty damn quick ,once these last few things gets adjusted it'll be out for another run,
it has been a slow process but getting there and making progress .
and as someone previously pulled the deck off and then put it back on after patch welding in places not all the original items where put back on. rockon
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AUSTRALIAN Power Reel Models
19/05/18 08:35 AM
[Linked Image]


[Linked Image]

Do you have information about this mower? Would you like to comment?
A Topic has been started in the Old Soap Box HERE.
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Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
19/05/18 07:54 AM
Yup, AVB has nailed it, I'd say.

Sounds very much like a priming issue, and the most common cause of this on these Quantum engines, is a warped air filter base.

The primer bulb pressurises the carby float chamber, so as to push a shot of fuel through the main jet into the venturi.
If the air filter base to carby joint leaks around the primer gallery, it won't prime.

I have a Quantum XTS50 on a Masport, and it's a 'first pull after 3 primes' start, from cold. Easily the easiest starting Briggs I've owned.
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Identification of Particular Machines
19/05/18 06:42 AM
Hi Jack,

I just saw it, good reading.
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Personal Histories
19/05/18 06:36 AM
It was fortuitous I retrieved this personal story of a Wiltshire File Company employee,
Bob Davies, from the internet in 2012. This story has long disappeared.

Bob Davies’ recollection record events from the late 1950s, when Boundy was partially,
and then wholly owned, by the Wiltshire File Company.

Bob Davies was employed at the Brisbane Wiltshire Premises, seemingly one of four
service technicians for Boundy lawnmowers at that facility. There was also a mobile
service technician.

Like all the major lawnmower makers, there were state offices to handle distribution
and service. All Boundy lawnmowers were made at the Melbourne Headquarters and

Bob gives us a rare and fascinating glimpse into Boundy history – in terms of the
BMS engine and its servicing in the field. There is also mention of everyday-life in the
workshop, as well as the mention of Boundy fibreglass boats. His internet memoir is
sometimes humorous.

I guess Bob left Wiltshire with the demise of their lawnmower making in the early 1960s.

[Linked Image]
Bob’s short memoir (two pages) has had little editing – for typos and clarity.
Yes, there are a few factual errors. Overall, it is a great read.
I guess Bob is no longer with us, but his memory lives on here.
[Linked Image]
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18/05/18 02:26 AM
I am looking for one these kinds of old blue Rover catchers. These had the flat opening with metal strips on either sides ending in a hook. I am willing to pay courier costs to have one freighted to me provided it is in good condition. Getting annoyed by all the ones I've found on Gumtree and sellers either will not respond to texts or emails or reply with "Sorry, pick up only". I had one lined up recently but the seller sold it to someone else the day before I was due to pick it up!

If nobody has any blue ones I would be willing to consider a black catcher in the same style. These were basically the same, although there were two slightly different ones (see photos). The black ones also had Rover stamped on the sides in big letters.
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Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
14/05/18 01:27 PM
Hi Norm and MF, I've done a few, just drill out the 3 rivets and rotate the starter 90 degrees, then rivet it back in, make sure you use 3/16" or 5mm rivets.
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