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McDonald CC
by Geoff W. 13/08/18 10:54 PM
Ignition module
by NormK. 13/08/18 01:13 PM
a few Victa 18 on ebay
by speedy. 11/08/18 06:59 PM
Scott Bonnar 45 renovation
by Ballsybob. 11/08/18 11:03 AM
Briggs ignition conversion question
by vint_mow. 10/08/18 08:00 PM
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Ignition module
by jefffrombrisbane. 14/08/18 09:48 AM
New Record Drag Saw
by CyberJack. 14/08/18 12:00 AM
McDonald CC
by Geoff W. 13/08/18 10:54 PM
1947 IHC Type H
by Geoff W. 13/08/18 10:52 PM
Allen Motor Scythe
by Geoff W. 13/08/18 10:45 PM
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Questions On Victa Two Stroke Engines
13/08/18 11:48 PM
Hi Norm,

I think it will work. I had a generic Powertorque on a full crank and it worked well. It had a spade connector at the actual module but came with bits of wire to connect it up. I ended up putting the old one back on as that was not the problem with the full crank anyway.
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Antique Machines
13/08/18 02:00 PM
You mentioned above "these North American machines" and that got me thinking ... were you meaning that New Record was an American company or were you talking about the concept of automated saws generally??

G'day Geoff
I did everything wrong in that 'cursory' search and jumped to wild conclusions.
I spent a bit of time tonight and I think I can clarify things.

And I think I have the maker and address ...
They were made by the New Record Machinery Company
of West Melbourne.

I agree, The New Record was an AUS machine.
Note how Rosebery and Buzacott sort of 'disguise' the maker by silence.

Hope this helps.
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Diesel and Petrol Water Cooled Engines
13/08/18 12:54 PM
Coming soon . 1929 McDonald CC "Super Diesel"
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Diesel and Petrol Water Cooled Engines
13/08/18 12:52 PM
Hey Jack,
Thanks for sticking your little Sundial up, she looks an absolute treat in the red livery do you still have that one at least??

Starting to get a bit wound as my "new" carb should arrive this week .. 1 or 2 nights polishing up the brass and hopefully it's fitted for some weekend action.

Have set the timing as per manual but can't get even a pip out of it possible issues with the last one but as I'm so unfamiliar with these things so far, I really wouldn't know.

Very lucky to have a great machinery club close by, the VP has already offered his assistance so I'm sure I'm in good hands.
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Antique Machines
13/08/18 12:45 PM
Well the Saturday chores were done, and done well, Sunday saw me decommissioning a Victa for the first half of the day then it was time to get down and dirty with the Allen again.

Time to get her running!

Having searched for even a little spark, I already knew the magneto and points needed attention. Now, the throttle cable needed replacing and of course one needs good fuel so there was the first 2 tasks. Cable went well, carby looked pretty good once I'd getting rid of all traces of this milky pink crud that lay within.

The magneto came apart surprisingly well and having the plug out, I could already see that the timing was waaayyy out. First thing I noticed was absolutely NO movement of the points when the flywheel was rotated. Shifting the entire plate to it's closest setting brought the pad in contact with the cam.

Also found out she's a 1955 model.

In attempting to remove the HT lead to clean the connections, I managed to smash the Bakelite fitting completely .. all good, I had a spare purchased with the throttle cable but still another 30 minutes lost removing the well stuck plug residue and re-tapping the mag plate.

Points set and flywheel back on, my last job was the starter cup flattened the threads on one of the shear bolts and snapped the other clean off at the shank not quite the end I was hoping for but I know where I'm starting next weekend.

Filled up the gas tank, tickled the carb and 6 pulls later we have a running Allen well, for 4-5 seconds at least

Don't know if it is a malfunctioning governor, but continuous spark even when running down would suggest not, or possibly ongoing fuel supply issues. Can get her running tickling the carb and keeping the air filter mostly closed and when she does, she sounds crisp as a biscuit.

One happy lad, even if I do have a date with the "ezy-outs" on Saturday.
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13/08/18 11:06 AM
Hi Bob,

I've just looked back at this thread to see it's progress and have noticed a part that's been flogged out and definitely requires replacement.

The part is the Transfer Shaft that fits into the primary clutch and provides drive over to the drive train. If you look closely at it you'll see the end of it has been worn away to a bit of a taper. This will have the clutch cone oscillate inside the outer clutch half which in turn will have the clutch rendered useless as it will start to grab after a few moments of it being disengaged.

This becomes a dangerous situation as when you disengage the clutch you WANT it to be disengaged and not suddenly start to provide drive to the drive train gear.

You can get one of these from George in Adelaide where you've gotten the other parts from.

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Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
13/08/18 09:51 AM
AVB I believe it was the left wheel that the fins came off not the right one with the 2 magnets. If you look at the left wheel it already had at least one fin missing and looks like a couple more damaged so there is a possibility that some others had hair line cracks and this may have caused them to be flung off
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Victa Lawn Mower Frames
13/08/18 09:19 AM
JRC, sorry to hear about this, any idea what might have caused it to happen? I don't want to state the obvious but the bogging down like that sounds like a shortage of oil.
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For Free
13/08/18 06:18 AM
Hi ODK members,

Saved this one from the curb side waste collection, gave it a full strip clean and check over. Only had to replace the blades but did clean off a lot of dirt and rust, goes well, just need to bend up a cable arm and it will be complete.
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Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
13/08/18 04:54 AM
Hi AVB, I agree the working part is cast, which is a bit unusual. I guess when you go back further in time to the rachet windup starters they did have cast wheels inside the winders. The best "guessed" date I can find on these standalone recoils is early to mid 60s.
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History Pictures
12/08/18 03:57 AM
PART THREE The Archimedean
I could identify this lawnmower because of its distinctive features. It is a
North American Archimedean.

This is an important lawnmower historically, said to be the first patent granted
in North America for a lawnmower. In time frame, we are talking 1860s.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

The Old Lawnmower Club Record:-


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Questions on Walk Behind Lawn Mower Frames
12/08/18 02:23 AM
G'day Mark,

Can't help you with those part numbers unfortunately, as I don't have the Victa 'Green Book' Parts Manuals, which cover their models from 1955-1972.
The spring and ends were listed as an assembly, not as individual parts, though.
In any case, the chances of finding NOS parts would not be too good.

As far as I know, Victa only listed parts by individual mower model - there was never a cross-reference by part number as you describe.

Part number supersessions were mostly found in Victa's spare parts price lists, back then. The old part number would have a reference to the new one, in place of a price.

Victa did change their part numbering system in the 1970's, from numerical only format [x-xxx or xx-xxx] to the two-letter prefix/single letter suffix format. As I recall, the suffix letter denotes revision version.
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For Sale
11/08/18 08:59 AM
2 days to go......
Click Ebay Link
it's a pretty big address, might have to cut and paste into your browser.... or just put victa 18 in ebay search.

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Questions On Briggs & Stratton Engines
10/08/18 09:50 PM
Originally Posted by Widget
Thanks for all the feedback smile

Had a look for drillbits and taps, didn't have as many as I though. However, I did find an M10.5 drill bit, and a M12-1.75 TAP. According to a website, It says;

Tap size Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Thread count (TPI) Thread pitch (mm) Tap drill size
M12x1.75 0.4724 12.0000 ~15 1.750 10.2 mm

Q: even though the drill bit I have is a 10.5mm (0.3mm more), and the chart says I need a smaller (10.2mm) drill bit, is it still possible to tap a 10.5mm hole with an M12-1.75 TAP ? Keeping in mind, this is for the blade boss/blade disc to attach to the crank... I'm guessing it *might* still hold fine, but spinning at xRPM, I'm not sure on what issues may arrise from this.

My Vermont American cheat sheet is indicating a 27/64 (.4219") drill bit for the 12-1.75 (DIN) which is only slight larger then the 10.7mm bit so that 10.5 would make for hard tapping, extra sharp threads, and a extra fit on the screw(bolt). The 10.3mm would for the 12-1.50. (French)

Now of we in the US have a different set of standards on the threads are done though we try to the international standard (DIN).
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Off Topics
10/08/18 12:37 PM
Good day to you too CyberJack sir.
I vaguely recall seeing both billboards for Bex and Vincent's powders at the same railway station!
Norman Gunston always had one on hand for his guests, don't forget.
I just read in the YouTube comments section that the Bex factory was in Crown St, Surry Hills in Sydney.
One cheeky comment even spelled out what I alluded to earlier!
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AUSTRALIAN Rotary Models
10/08/18 11:38 AM
PART TWO - The Brochure

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Two Stroke Vacuums
09/08/18 09:18 PM
Thanks for the tip. I'll sniff around for some. Makes me thankful I have the cap.
24 2,397 Read More
Diesel and Petrol Water Cooled Engines
09/08/18 12:25 PM
Awesome SX Jonesy hope she's still running as sweet wink
11 24,916 Read More
Antique Machines
09/08/18 12:16 PM
OMG Jonesy, that looks amazing!! Do you have any more photos of the rest of it coming together?

I love how the red detailing has been done ...
8 15,794 Read More
Off Topics
09/08/18 12:06 PM
Gidday Jack
That's the one ,many thanks for that image as my mower is missing the catcher and that image helps a lot .

Hi Mowerfreak if I dispose of it because the controller is missing then the next week after I throw away the machine I find a controller.

Regards Max.
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