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Simplicity Ride On Electrical Parts

Range of Electrical Parts to Suit Simplicity Ride On Parts

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
STE430-409 Stens
Ariens Interlock Switch 03095700, 430-409

Replaces OEM Description Model Dimen...

DUNSWT6926 GA Spares
Ariens Safety Switch 02754100, SWT6926

    Replaces OEM Descripti...

JAKB1AC24 Jak Max
Ariens,Husq & Simplicity Electric PTO Clutch 917-1459, 717-1459, B1AC24


DUNSWT6784 GA Spares
Ariens,MTD, Murray & Snapper Starter Switch 1-403121, 403121, SWT6784

    Replaces OEM Outdoorki...

STE430-694 Stens
ATY, Craftsman, MTD, Murray, Snapper, Toro Starter Key 112-6115, 430-694

    Replaces OEM Outdoorki...

STE430-686 Stens
AYP Interlock Switch 109553X, 430-686

    Replaces OEM Outdoorki...

STE430-690 Stens
AYP Seat Switch 121305X, 430-690

Replaces OEM Description Model Dimen...

STE430-706 Stens
AYP Starter Switch 178744, 430-706

    Replaces OEM Descripti...

BRI7022886YP Simplicity
Craftsman, Murray, Simplicity Genuine Switch 1723249, 5022182SM, 5022182, 1732006SM, 1723507SM, 1732006, 702286, 7022886YP

OEM Number Description Dimensions Si...

DUNSWT6824 GA Spares
Delta Ignition Key SWT6824

  Replaces OEM Outdoorking Prod...

STE430-029 Stens
Exmark Starter Switch 403121, 430-029

Replaces OEM Description Model Dimen...

STE430-798 Stens
Husqvarna PTO Switch 532 17 46-51, 430-798

    Replaces OEM Descripti...


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